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with the upcoming November 23rd black Friday, so Nike launched a large number of black series of new products. The classic Nike Air Max 95 this type of shoes also with elegant black trim, the shoe body to mesh black color, classic decorative collocation wave black leather and suede material mix, black midsole and outsole together, so that people could not find a trace of the noise. It will be on sale on black Friday for $150, and a favorite friend can take care of it. : recently, a custom shoe named Ali Ceesay was inspired by the Air Jordan 9 "Doernbecher" released last year, creating the Air Jordan "Goldie Pack" custom series. The series includes Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 8 and Air Jordan 11 four popular models, each shoe in black and gold tone, and the shoe body into the design of dark stripes and Air Jordan 9 "Doernbecher" the same, very luxurious. . [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to ESPN and a number of US media reports, on the occasion of the year, Adidas will renew a Derrick Rose 10 years, amounting to $ 250 million endorsement contract shoes . This figure is very scary, on with the "star" endorsement of thinking Adidas and Nike are different. an unprecedented shoe endorsement contract! According to ESPN and a number of US media reports, on the occasion of the year, Adidas and Derrick Rose a renewal for 10 years, amounting to $ 250 million endorsement contract sneakers. This figure is very scary: it is far more than Luosi Gang and the Chicago Bulls signed wage contract (5 years $ 94 million), regarded as rare in professional sports circles "lifetime contract" was. It is worth mentioning that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant sneakers Nike endorsement contract is for seven yea Cheap jordans online rs, respectively, $ 93 million and $ 45 million for 5 years. What makes Adidas gamble "Rose" (Rose English name: Derrick Rose, hence the "Rose" nickname)? Insiders said, "Ross is on the Chinese market, the only Kobe Bryant, James Popular contend NBA star. "But I am afraid of talking Adidas. In China, according to data released by the NBA, Kobe Bryant jersey sales have been ranked number one for many years, the only hope to challenge their popularity is LeBron James. Adidas willing to bet not out of the situation within the decade career Ross reason: no choice. Because in basketball, whether it's players from quantity to quality, compared to Nike are fully backward lean. In addition to James and Kobe Bryant outside, NBA currently one of the hottest players are Nike's included. Adidas have had years with Nike can contend gorgeous star lineup: if the clock back, but a friend of mine went to Beijing Wangfujing Street, we must notice that Adidas huge billboard: McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Garnett Duncan and Chauncey Billups, the five men who glory in the NBA, but injuries, age and number of unpredictable trouble dismembered the All-Star team. Today, Adidas can really compete with the Nike All-Star players were the only Rose and Dwight Howard, the latter is active NBA's top center. Adidas might be able to put this situation boils down to "luck" or inevitable costs of professional sports, but it can not be avoided is: When the star's old, it did not as early as Nike snare a large group the commercial value of the basketball star. However, this is not the most need to reflect Adidas topic, after all, to some extent, buying "star" can be used "money" to solve its most need to re-examine, it is the cultural gene Cheap air jordans for sale and German companies US company Nike basketball culture distinct mode of thinking. for ordinary fans, Nike and Adidas functional performance in actual combat, there may not compete with the other, but Nike's technologies are very "dominant", such as "fly line" directly reflected in the vamp on not only a new "technology", but also a new design element; max air itself is a beautiful piece of external air, but the core technology of Adidas A3 "ambush" in the soles, is "hidden" on non-professional fans, not so easy to perceive. This is basketball shoes special. There is a saying: Football Adidas, Nike basketball. Soccer shoes more functional properties, but basketball from birth onwards, and American street culture are inseparable, basketball shoes also carries a consumer demand for more design elements and express individuality. Nike basketball star brand now has formed three heavy head and stable series: LeBron James series, Bryant Jordan series and enduring series. and Nike different, Adidas began in 2008 to build a grand, "team basketball, basketball brothers" concept, this approach does not go the way Nike can not be said to be wrong, but the problem is that not necessary to exclusive five star shoes also designed as a "brother": a distance similar, but the color is different. So, Adidas "gamble" Ross's move to look forward to is that, its future in the field of basketball shoes, will transform into a sense of design and individuality "Nike Play" (Chinese shoes Network -? The most professional and authoritative The Footwear News)Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2015-1-30: Jordan Air Jordan XX9 HD launched Year Of series spring 2015, represents the latest technology of Jordan brand. It will launch t cheap air jordans he Air Jordan XX9 Year Of series by combining the upgraded version of FlightPlate technology and functional weaving shoes Air Jordan XX9. The series of water as design inspiration, using water texture and color, with the top technology of Jordan brand, to help the players in the game show is like a basketball skill freely flowing style of writing. The functional woven shoes of the Air Jordan XX9 have excellent wear resistance and a new look. It uses the latest generation of FlightPlate technology, can control each explosive take-off energy output and recovery of maximum energy, the maximum response ability. Air Jordan XX9 Year Of basketball shoes are designed for water as a design inspiration. Water for Chinese since ancient times have unusual significance, thinking about water is beyond count. Air Jordan XX9 Year Of shoes with transparent crystal bottom, with blue color and traditional ink painting style to show the upper water clear and mysterious, invisible but changeable, but strong story features fully inclusive and equitable. The series is introduced on the eve of Chinese New Year's Eve, adding a little Chinese flavor. In addition to basketball shoes, Air Jordan XX9 Year Of series also includes T-shirts and hats, which will be listed on and greater China designated retail stores in January 31, 2015. The date of listing in other parts of the world is February 18th.XTEP launches in recent years, running is moving towards a nationwide movement, the increasing number and variety of forms are refreshing our understanding of this traditional sport. Smart shoes XTEP core racing running shoes "-- as XTEP specializes in the marathon, experience in" new sports intelligence + movement "of the building, to f jordan shoes online sale ocus on science and technology, and the quality of the craftsmanship, so that the majority of runners friends feel the brand and attitude of young. XTEP all core speed running shoes - opening a new level of "no coach training" runner "all core speed running shoes", because the small chip design is equipped with, opened the running training intelligent management across. The upper stable material itself X and TPU stable injection process consisting of a support gives excellent running comfort, help the thin sandwich mesh cutting technology and the perfect fusion of air permeability and package, and a double density outsole, provide damping effect and smaller this pair of running shoes excellent the impulsive force. From the chip six axis sensing technology integration, can accurately distinguish the runner's six state of motion. Coupled with the perfect test of the runners in the running process of three feet landing posture, let you feel this smart running shoes for your substantive advantages. Of course, the result of intelligent innovation is more than that. The individual factors such as age, height and weight of the runner can be presented to the audience in the form of data. In the management of the runner's scientific, rational, user-friendly, XTEP is everywhere to observe the "details determine success or failure" product thinking. and the contemplation of the moment, interactive social life has become young people in life, work, entertainment, as well as all kinds of social activities in the basic form and appeal. Therefore, has not formed in record function of smart shoes advantage barriers under the situation of XTEP's "core racing shoes" is to make efforts in the aspects of health management, game ex cheap air jordans online perience, news, etc. in order to upgrade the level of experience of task motivation. This not only reached the essence of fashion interpretation of digital life, but also reflects the "full core racing shoes" "core", intelligent motion comprehensive scientific innovation makes the shoes become you fully deserve "invisible private education", not only many errors in your motion correction, especially in teaching a considerable sense of sportsmanship. XTEP all core speed running shoes - the new track for racing runners general knowledge in the traditional marathon running shoes governing the market, "smart + happy" -- for games this enduring adds a different kind of wonderful. Intelligent XTEP core racing shoes "perfect introduction, to create a real marathon racing shoes, professional athletes experience, into the lives of ordinary consumers, let users wherever you can experience running a marathon. 2006 August 18th, Nike announced: basketball superstar Kobe ? Bryant will start in September 4th, "Kobe 81 Asia tour."". In from September 9th to 10th, he will arrive in Beijing, when Kobe will be close contact with many Chinese children, so as to help them improve their basketball skills. from the past a budding young players, to today's world's top star, Kobe's basketball skills are increasingly perfect. Today's Kobe even relies on his strong belief in the field, created his last season alone won 81 points miracle, but also become one of today's NBA emperor superstar. "Kobe 81 Asia Tour" allows Kobe to share experience with his little fans and help them improve their basketball skills. "I'm really looking forward to my trip to Asia, I can go to meet fans, participate in training camp activities, and children a jordan 3 katrina 2018 re happy with the play," Kobe Bryant; in a recent interview about the upcoming Asian tour interview said, "with the support of the fans has been to Asia I am encouraged. It's exciting to have the chance to return to Asia and hug them." outside the stadium, Kobe has always believed in the idea of "return to society". Whether in Losangeles, Philadelphia, or anywhere else in the world, Kobe constantly brings laughter to children through all kinds of public welfare activities. During his trip to Asia, Kobe will continue to carry forward this dedication. basketball is an important part of my life, but I can do more outside the field." "Once you become a basketball star, you become a role model at the same time, and you will have the opportunity to motivate others or help guide others," Kobe said. I love doing that and I feel honored to be able to help others." , Nike, and Kobe will also join in the Asia tour with "Kobe , 1," the latest Kobe signature sneakers, one of the fall Nike basketball shoes of the year 2006. The product will be listed in Asia in September 4, 2006. paste your precious collection, I wish you the most sincere words, have the opportunity to close contact with Kobe, please directly reply to the theme stickers, and leave personal contact information (name, e-mail) Limited, signed up as soon as possible. specific to the Forum: 〉; boardID=5& ID=186297& page=1[/color] to participate! : after seeing the physical map last week, Nike finally released more official details for the much anticipated Flyknit Racer black color matching. This pair of Flyknit Racer will undoubtedly become the most powerful rival "UltraBOOST Triple Black" debut over the same period, the Flyknit and Dynamic Flywire, the body of the shoe laces, heel, and the insole Swoosh Raben details are run through with all black, and rarely equipped with black in the end, the black soul full of breath. Nike Flyknit Racer all black color will be the first in November 30th in the United States and the European market for sale, priced at $160 U.S. dollars, and it is learned that the Greater China region will not wait until January 13th next year before the official shelves. Levis Fenom Japan sells two new Levis Fenom 360 primary color jeans, blue line version is light pound tannin, even skin label is presented with dark blue, let pants knowledge degree higher. The left rear pocket Logo to suture to make, in addition to the 14oz Standard Version 360 green cloth daneen, left back pocket Logo on the way to make printing. These two are enabled LVC love TALNO zipper, Fragment logo double flash Logo is changed to electric embroidery bag flower presents.In this black-oriented fashion street, each black single product is so strong opponents, so if it is a classic legend contour black single product, you can imagine it must be absolutely black soul lovers will not let go of. The barbarian leader Jordan Brand sneakers will bring air jordan 1 Mid black color design "Triple Black" for us. Quality suede and leather shoes material composition, not a place other than black, creating a low-key calm atmosphere. This time the Triple Black color has begun at its designated store shelves, which sells for $ 147 dollars, interested friends may pay more attention.Sports players adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott re-launch Sneaker Series 2012-06-12 11:11:14 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: Hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 12 hearing, the trend in today's world, it has been known to everybody Jeremy Scott's name, pairs JS Bear, JS Wings appeared in various streets which, after all, a bold, unconventional, interesting sneaker for ordinary people must be fresh, unconventional indicators is no wonder that people regardless of fashion or, the trend of people worth mentioning, were one by one "prisoner amnesty." 1 2 & nbsp; Related newsMcQ x PUMA joint shoes commercial information 2014-08-12 15:40:51 & nbsp; British fashion brand Alexander McQueen's McQ young branch recently with PUMA have launched a re-pair to Climb & nbsp; Low for the release of the shoes, to create a high-quality black leather shoes zolmitriptan color lining, McQ's Logo slightly embellishment, continues the consistent style overwhelmed by dark color design. It is reported that the shoes will be landing in designated retail outlets is expected in September, like a friend can be a lot to look at. & nbsp; Nike Air Foamposite One "mirror" or limited 2015 All-Star shoes 2015-01-14 15:04:47 as we reported earlier will launch a pair of Nike Air Foamposite One shoes during the All-Star Game, and the official said that the shoes will be metallic silver and black color, based on the above clues, we can infer that the earlier exposure out of this pair of Nike Air Foamposite One "Mirror" perhaps for the final product, but the official did not give a positive reply to Nike, and was exposed earlier spy photos of the shoes, but what will be in what kind of presentation, yet unknown. CLOT & amp;. Heather Grey Wall-L Clayton Art Exhibition Shanghai 2013-12-08 23:33:12 Opening July 25, L Clayton Art Exhibition held in Heather Grey Wall Yifeng Shanghai Bund source store.? a private opening party, the man from London, "devil" Artist (L. Clayton) and popular fashion designer Kuraishi a tree (K.Kuraishi) with the scene, media interview, talk about the recent matter of concern, the trend on the mainland impression and outlook, and of course they co-founded the experimental brand A.FOUR ... In the evening, the opening party opened two masters in speech prologue, CLOT brand main reason people Edison Edison Chen, Pan Shiheng Kevin Poon also behind friends who attend, the entire opening party does not set a fixed link, like is a group love art, pop culture friend gatherings. In particular, the party store in Heather Grey Wall erected DJ area, very with experience selected Kuraishi a tree (K.Kuraishi) original rock background and guests came personally from time to time as well as DJing, musical language with no borders to express endless passion for fashion, the party lasted nearly two hours, so that the honor came to the scene of hundreds of guests to enjoy a real visual feast! If you are a diehard graffiti and photography art, then this two-week L.Clayton Shanghai Art Exhibition will not miss it! For more details, please pay attention toHeather Grey Wall & nbsp; Sina official microblogging: & nbsp; Foreign Trade Time: at 20:00 on July 25 to at 22 o'clock on August 9th Nike Air Max Plus "Camo Pack" picture exposure 2013-12-08 23:04:52 network exposure recently two pairs of brand-new product Nike Air Max Plus "Camo Pack" also uses camouflage decorative elements, with different The formation of this series of two pairs of background effect new camouflage element products, like friends can look at.