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season Basketball Culture Shoes: winter fabric material: the price range of 219~319 yuan: synthetic leather + 〉 evaluation: Lining; culture abcf043 basketball some exquisite reflective Microfiber with Nubuck upper material wrapped, shining bright skin around the shoe uppers, beautiful and durable. The mid side design provides full protection of the ankle and provides a comfortable comfort with anti slip lining material. Ship bottom in Phylon to help run more relaxed, relatively thin in the bottom has a sensitive foot feeling, shock performance is obvious. Super large ship type TPU locking plate to strengthen heel, the metal Calderon JC "exclusive" logo. Before , we reported about Adidas Futurecraft 3D this pair of shoes the concept of information, now the real shoe has appeared in the network, it is not difficult to see that the shoes with the official issued design is exactly the same, especially with various texture technology to perfect the bottom, as for support and comfort to the performance it needs to learn, practice, it is undeniable that the shoes appeared destined to set off the tide of science and technology revolution, believe that after this there will be many have 3D printing technology of new shoes have been unveiled, we may wish to see. originally this period to Abdul Jabbar said, but Zhang Shuai with Mithras relationship too close, no way, only to tell Zhang Shuai. In the 1960s, the speed of information dissemination far less in the world that Chamberlain (hereinafter referred to as Zhang Shuai) to get 100 points of the night did not video, and even color photographs are not a, does have a little pity. but it doesn't matter, in such rapid development of the computer today, when those data l jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black overs go back and find, originally this monster unexpectedly brush so many others certainly can not break the record when, they will happily take the boring digital input computer and anti complex filed. and would like to enter the NBA, Zhang Shuai is as much a little story. When the league has adopted the territorial draft rules ", NBA teams can give up when the first sign, then directly off in the local read university of local players. Chamberlain was enrolled at the University of Kansas has attracted the attention of NBA all. Therefore, the Philadelphia warriors boss to chamberlain is the children in Philadelphia, still in high school, Philadelphia school grounds, select Chamberlain by the Ordinance, and at that time, the king also had not moved to Kansas City, Kansas where there is no NBA team, the alliance exception allowed Philadelphia Chamberlain. so, Zhang Shuai somehow returned to his hometown of Philadelphia, but always good, has been in NCAA proved his Zhang Shuai is about to start in the NBA began a new Massacre - of course, limited to the regular season. must be admitted that, Zhang Shuai in the first season was fairly successful, field are 37+27, scoring and rebounding, the regular season MVP and all star game MVP, headed from 32 wins evolution to 49 wins, and if you're wondering why he was strong, with a height of 16 meters and 120 kg of body weight to play the basic only 2 meters early, 100 kilograms of opponents (Mithras is only 2 meters 06 with 98 kg), you will easily brush to that data. now NBA often have such a sentence, the data can not reflect a certain and certain of the great, this sentence can not be used to say that the use of Zhang Shuai. this photo is the theme of the 1960s, Zhang Shuai vs Mithra cheap foamposites s, Mithras said, story is boring, because Zhang Shuai basic per year are lost, although he can brush to others are not brush data, but would have a better teammates. No matter later "magician", or Deng Daizi, in the first two years won the championship, the team had the superstar teammates are very important. When Zhang Shuai is only a group of passers -, there are 20000 women in some. may be because always would defeat, when Mithras eight consecutive, Zhang Shuai from Philadelphia in the east to the west side of the San Francisco. Three years later, returned to his hometown of Philadelphia. However, Mithras was still standing in that, the NBA has because of the tired Zhang Shuai annual Eagle chicks abuse the game and had to expand three seconds. should be said Zhang Shuai is still very assiduous, Mithras with eight consecutive Albert, Zhang Shuai in his career in the same great strides 〉 since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's footwear industry has developed rapidly, with an annual output of about 10000000000 pairs of shoes, and exported 7 billion 800 million pairs in 2006, becoming the world's largest shoe producing and exporting countries. However, no one can ignore the fact that China's shoe products are relatively low in price and lower in price China's footwear industry is facing a crossroads. although has become the world's largest footwear production and export country, but there are still smaller manufacturing enterprises, export growth to win, the overall profit margins low, the export market is too concentrated, the marketing way behind. This is obtained from the establishment of the General Assembly meeting China footwear organization days before news reporter. cheap air jordans on the same occasion, the Ministry of Commerce and Trade Bureau official Cheng Yung Ju said, in August 7th the European Union has a formal note to the Ministry of Commerce, said the proposed exports to Macao and Europe via Chinese leather shoes initiated the anti circumvention investigation, is expected to formally file will be published after September. Chinese leather shoes are suffering from EU anti-dumping. footwear organization; strengthening joint sponsored by China arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Leather Association, Hongkong Footwear Association, Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association, Wenzhou Shoes Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Association of more than a dozen China Shoe Association was founded in Beijing in the organization. the meeting also released the "China footwear trade development report" also pointed out that the international trade protection measures, frequent domestic enterprises face a series of problems of RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, raw material prices, tax rebate rate cut, the processing trade policy adjustments, China's footwear industry is facing the grim situation at home and abroad. "I hope that through joint China industry organization, cohesion power industry, and jointly promote the development of China shoes." Attended the inaugural meeting of the Chinese arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce President Wang Hanjiang said, the association was established, not only to strengthen their exchanges and communication among members, but also by holding the exports of footwear design competition, recommend brand activities to promote enterprises for independent innovation, cultivate independent br foamposites for cheap ands and industry representatives to jointly deal with the anti-dumping and other international trade friction. from scattered to United, China's footwear industry is gradually expanding industry strength. According to the joint China footwear organization ideas, hopes to strengthen the cohesion and coordination of industry service functions, establish an effective working mechanism, promote the healthy development of the industry. ) Dajiang town implements the strategy of "one town, one industry, one village one product"; and vigorously supports the development of special footwear industry in the public welfare areas. At present, the "public shoe" leather shoes leather supply enterprise more than 100, 7 stores, and shoes accessories stores and transport team, the annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. in order to change this situation, in recent years the town take measures to support its bigger and stronger, they have been planning to draw a piece of land in the river side, intends to "shop factory", to build a complete and perfect comprehensive shoes, establish a new image of the river public shoe brand, and plans to develop 1 - 2 a famous brand product, form the brand effect. Secondly, preferential policies are provided for the use of land, capital, credit, etc., with a focus on supporting "leading enterprises" to promote the development of small family workshops. At the same time, increase investment, plans to introduce 1 - 2 of a certain size and market influence of the enterprises in development, through the advanced equipment, these large enterprises advanced management experience, high-grade products radiation, in order to improve the shoe manufacturers in product development and managemen Retro jordans for sale t level, promote industrial upgrading. In addition, the establishment of shoe-making enterprises association, regulate the production and operation of enterprises and foreign economic and trade activities, and promote them in accordance with the government's industrial policies and intentions to promote the coordination and management of the industry. (editor in chief: admin)Days ago by Nike to build a new flagship Zoom Mariah Flyknit shoes Air Racer officially added, we also brought a group of feet making plans for everyone. This with the integrated Flyknit knitting technology constitute the shoe body, and the blue and orange with white uppers, rent after the end of Zoom Air equipped with built-in air cushion of light and comfortable ending. 1.jpg (259.14 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer of on foot 2017-6-10 08:21 upload 2.jpg (269.11 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer of on foot 2017-6-10 08:21 upload 3.jpg (225.9 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer of on foot 2017-6-10 08:21 upload 4.jpg (239.57 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer of on foot 2017-6-10 08:21 Nike Air Zoom Mariah upload , Flyknit, Racer, 00 America can be said to be the world market vane, it is leading the world trend. From the mid 80s of last century, Adidas, Nike and Reebok three shoe companies formed a situation of tripartite confrontation "trend in the world of sports shoes on the market by 2005, Adidas announced the acquisition of Reebok, the world sports shoes market began to enter the" Chu "stage. In 2005, the global brand sports shoes market reached $24 billion 200 million, Nike accounted for 36. jordans for sale 6%, Adidas accounted for 22.2%, while other manufacturers no more than 5%. Adidas is no longer a Nike and Reebok; a rising star; "new fortune" reported that in 70s before the last century Nike, Adidas has dominated the world of sports shoes market, and occupied 70% of the market, but in 1990 had dropped to 2%. Nike and Reebok became the rising star in 70s and 80s. 1979 was the golden age of Nike. According to the company, when Nike launched the first dual air shoes "Tailwind", and began to engage in sports apparel manufacturing and sales operations, nearly half of the annual sales income of sports goods market in the United States, in the sports shoe market is way ahead. In 1980, Nike issued 2 million shares of stock, and on the New York stock exchange to open Listing , when sales revenue reached $269 million. however, Nike sports shoes emphasize functionality; the main customer is male. In 1984, the United States "jogging fever" at low tide, the female aerobic movement, Reebok founder and CEO Paul? Firman live in this opportunity, Reebok in 1985 sales revenue of $more than 300 million, of which 60% from aerobic exercise shoes and gym shoes. Reebok became a fitness and fashion sports brand representatives, and then completed the listing. In 1986, Reebok sold more than Nike in the United states. : Nike announced a 10% layoff in December 1986 and laid off about five hundred employees, David Chanthis year we saw countless Air Max Nike shoes, and even has been unknown to the Max Air 93 also launched a variety of color, not to say Air Max Nike 1, Max Air 90 and Max Air 95 these classic shoes. But today to talk about is not above the shoe section of any one, but has never appeared in the Air Max Nike 94! Yes, Max Air 94 is about to come back next year, the 270 degree window air cushion is no longer the exclusive characteristics of Max Air 93! The all black color of the Nike Air Max 94 with some mysterious atmosphere, will be on sale in 2015, what did you expect? we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel "attention" DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? Source: instagramReebok and Hawaii famous shoes shop KICKS/HI recently launched a new cooperative shoes KICKS/HI, x, Reebok, Court, Victory, Pump. The "Court Victory Pump" changed before the two sides to cooperate, bright and beautiful color matching style, the whole pair of shoes to rice yellow as the main color, with green midsole and shoelaces buckle, giving a very refreshing, lively feeling. Respectively in the upper embroidery has 2 major brands of logo, and each cooperation iconic ink like bottom in this pair of shoes has been extended. KICKS/HI, x, Reebok, Court, Victory, Pump have been sold at designated stores such as UNDFTD. # the Qixi Festival # gift offer Reebok this year's flagship product Reebok Kamikaze 2 engraved; "Reign Camo" tour map details! Is it better to send flowers in Qixi?!!! Air Jordan 12 "Deep Royal" color brings new visual impact for fans! AJ Air Jordan 12 will not be unfamiliar to many, a Michael Jordan "Flu Game", after the launch of the engraved shoes for Air Jordan this brand so far to create a global revenue of more than $20 million. Now, AJ 12 breaks the boundaries again, launches the full blue "Deep Royal" the color matching, the shoe body is made of suede and the asymmetrical texture leather, two kind of material gives the human eye to have the intense contrast. Air Jordan 12 "Deep Royal" will be listed on November 12th, priced at $200. , following the Air Max LeBron VII artist series, we now want to show you the Nike Air Max LeBron VII City Pack City Suite Akron Akron edition. In the cities of the More Than A Game world tour, Akron undoubtedly has some special status and significance. Not only because it is the hometown of Lebron, but also because it is the movie "More Than A Game" is located, the memory of Lebron and his friends / teammates in St. Vincent (St. Vincent St. Mary) the team fought growth years. Like other combat shoes in the city suite, these shoes also feature the San Carlo team SVSM home color, and mark one of the most exciting moments of Lebron's life and basketball career. the Akron version of Air Max LeBron VII to home for the design theme, so special with a photo of a young Lebron and his mother Gloria together the old photos, photos in front of the lebleu looks even grow even higher than the mother. The photo on the tongue and the shoe body on the inner side of the rear end can be seen, so that the whole shoe exudes a warm, warm nostalgia atmosphere, strike a deep chord and moving. Like the rest of the series, the shoes come in at the same time as Lebron, ", More, Than, A, Game", and the city of Akron, with a limited edition of 123 pairs worldwide. often sit in the office, is president of meat. Why don't you do some small action in your spare time. Below small office small gym, let you easily fit in your leisure time. Office relax muscle movement sitting extended chest exercise , sitting in a chair, arms as far as possible on both sides of the body to stretch and pull action, the chest full stretch; open fingers, legs forward natural bending; head tilted a little backwards. At the same time with the deep breath, exhale increase extensional activities. note: do not seat the elastic vibration. push ups exercise natural body lying on the table, using the waist support point (available clothes or towels to pave the way for), waist always keep close to the edge of the desk, arms crossed in front of the chest was 90 degrees, upper body slowly do uplink volunteer movement, elbow joint distance desktop 10 cm can be. note: uplink rate should not be too large, do not move your feet. + leg stretch posture movement of cervical spine movement sitting on a chair, head slowly forward and backward flexion and flexion movement, about to do rotation movement, can be matched with the palm of the moderate pressure, pay attention to ease the force, step by step,,note: do not do head circle movement, to avoid causing cervical injury. Sitting on the chair, right leg straight, hook toes, hands and knees, upper body bent down slowly. The head close to the straight leg, after a pause, switch legs to do. between strength training erect oblique arms push up both hands to help on the wall and the folder elbow placed on both sides of the body, feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, with elbow drive systemic upright push up exercise, moves downward inhale, upstream on the exhale,,note: keep the chest, shoulder to hip line, to prevent the collapse of the waist, moderate tiptoe heel. after sitting elbow squats hands clasped in a handrail of the seat, buttocks off the chair and is located in the seat in front of, elbow stretch back, and lower limbs with do squat exercise. note: body weight should be in the use of arms, the best seat fixed or support. source: 39 Health Network